Home loan refinancing

Refinancing your home loan could save you thousands of dollars and ensure you have the right home loan for you. Refinancing isn’t only about obtaining a better rate – switching due to a better rate doesn’t necessarily mean you will be saving money – however if you do it right you could save thousands and have your home loan working better for you!

With home loan payments most likely being the biggest cost in your household expenditure it is important to ensure you have the right loan and lender for your needs!

Why would you consider refinancing?

  • Your lender isn’t staying competitive in the market
  • You have a major change to your financial situation
  • You wish to consolidate debt – i.e. credit cards, personal loans, car loans, etc
  • You wish to access cash for home renovations, a child’s education costs
  • You wish to invest in property

It is important to review your home loan every 2 years to ensure it is competitive and still the right loan for you.

At REIF we review our client’s loans on a regular basis as a part of our post settlement service to ensure our clients lending is competitive and suited to their current situation.

We also get enquiries daily from people all over the country who have their loans cross collateralised and are dealing with the consequences of this, we have successfully assisted many clients untangle their portfolio and re-structure all their loans standalone – if this sounds like you then get in contact today – we would love to help you!

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