If I’m self-employed, how do I get an investment property loan?

If I’m self-employed, how do I get an investment property loan?

If I’m self-employed, how do I get an investment property loan?

Are you living in Australia and happen to be self-employed? You might be wondering how you can go about getting an investment property loan. Investment property loans are pretty common and work much the same way as home loans however it’s important to seek a mortgage broker who specializes in working with property investors to ensure they can secure you finance through the best available lender for your situation.

On Real Estate Investment Finance’s panel of lenders they have the lowest three year fixed-rate available. Normally, other markets will get you in the 5.13% ballpark. But with Real Estate Investment Finance, they can get you down to about 4.69%. Now that is a big savings right there. It comes to over .40% when you compare the two. And this is just a snapshot of what they do for their clients.

Even if you are self-employed, Real Estate Investment Finance believes in helping others achieve their dreams. The company was founded by David Chehade. He believed in helping out others, and he passes that onto his company and clients. He believes in helping his clients setup the right financial structures from the start to ensure every client is maximizing their returns on investment. Having the wrong structure will put limits on your financial holdings? It not only could cost a lot but it will also prevent you from expanding your financial portfolio. It will prevent you being able to borrow the right amount of money, needed to expand your investment property portfolio. And if you are self-employed, this can really put a damper on your prospects.

At Real Estate Investment Finance, they believe it’s important to work with someone who has gone through it themselves. Someone who understands the need for control and flexibility and a broker who invests in property themselves.

The best part is that they offer their services free of charge. They are compensated through a lending commission. This means they get upfront fees and commission. So the consultation and the work they do for you, is free

If you are self-employed and are living here in Australia, consider talking to these guys. They know how important it is to find the right investments. Investment Finance knows how important it is to work with someone that you can trust. This company and those who run it have been in your shoes. They just want to give something back.

For more information about property loans, contact David or a Real Estate Investment Finance broker today.

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