Home Loans

REIF can provide a large variety of loans to suit your needs with access to hundreds of loans on the market.

Our home loan range includes:

  • Line of credit
  • Construction loans to build
  • Fixed loans
  • Variable Loans
  • Lo Doc Loans for the self employed
  • Specialist loans for those with credit history problems
  • SMSF loans

Whatever you need, we’ve got a loan for you. Whether you are a first home buyer, upgrading the family home, downsizing or investing in property we’ve got you covered. We make the process as simple and easy as possible by doing all the leg work for you.

Our speciality is in assisting investors finance and build their investment property portfolios – whether you are just starting out or are an advanced investor have an investment specialist finance broker on your real estate team is crucial to succeed in building wealth through property.

First home buyers can also benefit from our expertise in viewing their property purchase as a step towards building a property investment portfolio. Home buyers who already own investment property or intend to build a property portfolio can also benefit from our expertise as structuring your finances correctly on your home is extremely important when investing in property.

Most lenders offer a suite of finance products to suit the variations of borrowers in today’s market.

Home Loan Types

Standard Variable Loans

These are loans where the interest rates can vary throughout the term of the loan. That is to say, the interest rate may go up or down during the loan term. Standard variable loans carry flexible features such as offset accounts, redraw, extra repayments and the ability to split the loan.

Basic Variables Loans

Basic variable loans are loans with lower interest rates, but with fewer features than a standard variable loan. The interest rate can, as the name indicates, vary over the term of the loan. Therefore, the interest rate can rise or fall over the term of the loan. These loans are typically “no frills” loan products.

Split Loans

A split loan can offer the compromise between the pros and cons of fixed and variable rate loans. A split mortgage allows you to reap the benefits of both the security of fixed rate and the flexibility of a variable interest rate loan.

Introductory Loans

These are variable rate loans with a discounted interest rate off the standard variable rate (commonly over 1% less), lasting a certain period of time, usually 1 year. After this period, they normally revert back to standard variable rates. Sometimes, depending on the lender rates, they can be fixed or capped during the initial/honeymoon period.

Fixed Rate Loans

These are loans where the borrower’s interest rate and repayments are fixed for a set period, usually from 1 to 10 years, and sometimes longer. These loans revert to the standard variable rate at the time the fixed rate period has expired, unless “rolled over” for another fixed term (at prevailing rates).

Equity Loans

These loans allow borrowers to borrow up to a specified limit, which is secured by a mortgage over the property. These loans provide access to funds, when required, up to the limit set. Normally, the minimum repayment required is the interest only. Some lenders, however, do require that principal reductions begin to be made after a certain period of time.


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